About me

In a Nutshell

I am a performer based in NYC, originally from Dallas (shoutout to all the Texans). I am primarily a singer/actor who is passionate about musical theatre and theatre for young audiences. 


I started off performing in musicals in 2012, and have stayed true to that while discovering new artistic outlets that I'm equally proud of. 

Favorite musical theatre roles include Chip Tolentino (Spelling Bee), Hysterium (Forum), Sancho (Man of La Mancha), Man 1 (Songs For a New World), and Mr. Briskett (US Premiere of Show & Tell). 

Favorite opera roles include Frederic (Pirates of Penzance), Frank (The Impresario), Ben (The Telephone), and Manchorus (Thomas Paine in Violence). 

Cabaret credits include two self-produced solo shows (DO NOT SING and What Did You Expect?) as well as performing as a guest at Mama's Party, UCO's Macabret, and Campy Cabaret.

Education & Training

I went to school in Garland, TX, before ultimately graduating from Allen High School in 2011. 

I started performing and acting training in 2012 at Collin College, where I would graduate with an Associate of Arts in 2014. There, I trained with Robin Armstrong, Gail Cronauer, Shannon Kearns Zimbelman, and Michael Rausch in acting, improv, stage movement, combat, musical theatre, and voice. 

That same year, I started at the University of Central Oklahoma's Musical Theatre program, where I studied voice with Dr. Marilyn Govich. I graduated with my BM in 2017!